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Washable Rugs

     Washable Rugs                                              
Capel Hammock
100% polypropylene
Cross Sewn Rectangle & Square
2'x3' 61/92cm rectangle $132
27"x48" 69/122 rectangle - $196
3'x5' 92/152cm rectangle - $320
4'x6' 122/183cm rectangle - $475
5'x8' 152/244cm rectangle - $820
7'x9' 213/274cm rectangle - $1263
8'x11' 244/335cm rectangle - $1613
5'6" 167cm square - $680
7'6" / 229cm square - $1273
8'6" / 259cm square - $1540
2’ x 8’ runner 61/244cm - $362
27"x9' / 69x274cm -  runner - $481

Perfect for the kitchen, family room,
bathroom or laundry.  Also practical
if you have children or dogs running
muddy feet through the house.

Small rugs can be machine
washed.  Large sizes soaped up
and hosed down.  Dry flat or
over wide railings.  Or use steam
extraction method. 

These rugs can even be
used on a deck or patio
provided they're on a clean,
smooth surface - protected
from the weather, and
allowed to dry out. 

Hammock Camel
Hammock Grey Taupe
Hammock Linen
Hammock Spa
  Capel - Sea Glass 
100% polypropylene

(coarse feel, matt finish)
Oval & Round
2'x3' 61/92cm - $118
27" x 48" 69/122cm - $175
3'x5' 92/152cm - $285
4'x6' 122/183cm - $429 
5'x8' 152/244cm - $752

7'x9' 213/274cm - $1178
8'x11' 244/335cm - $1585
5'6" 167cm round - $588
7'6" 229cm round - $1103
8'6" 259cm round - $1324
9'6" 290cm round - $1730

Capel - Sea Glass 
100% polypropylene

(coarse feel, matt finish)
Concentric Rectangle & Square
2'x3' 61/92cm - $128
27" x 48" 69/122cm - $190
3'x5' 92/152cm - $310
4'x6' 122/183cm - $471 
5'x8' 152/244cm - $814
7'x9' 213/274cm - $1332
8'x11' 244/335cm - $1784 
5'6" 167cm square - $630
7'6" 229cm square - $1169

8'6" 259cm square - $1500
9'6" 290cm square - $1857

Pic right Sea Glass Shell

Sea Glass Spa
Sea Glass Fiesta
Sea Glass Ocean
Sea Glass Smokey Quartz
To make enquiries or place
a credit card order please
telephone (08) 8339 2288.

Or if you prefer, you can
order a rug and post a chq
or money order.
For further information
on rugs please email
Special order terms:
Please note that we must
request a 50%
(non-refundable) deposit
when we place your
order with the US; the
balance when your order
is ready to be sent to you
from our premises.  On
small orders we request
full payment up front.

Airfreight orders normally
take around 4 weeks
to arrive at our premises
(from date we place an
order with the US) - so
please allow additional
time if we need to forward
your order on to you.

Above prices include airfreight
from the US, duty & GST. 

For postage / courier from our
premises (Sydney) to your

address in Australia - see our
'How to Order' page.

Please also note that we
cannot refund or exchange
(unless they are faulty or
not as ordered) - so you'll
need to be sure of your
choice. A deposit would
confirm that you accept our
terms and that your order
is firm. If for any reason
we are unable to supply,
your deposit would be
refunded in full.
Size considerations: Typically
furniture should be either
completely on or completely off
a rug for stability, visual balance
and to prevent damage to the
edges of the rugs. Rugs for under
kitchen or dining room tables
should extend at least 75cm or
2½ft beyond the table all round
so chairs sit evenly on the rug
when pulled back from the table. 
Eg. If your table measures approx.
3ft x 6ft you should consider
a rug measuring 8ft x 11ft.
Braided rugs are assembled
by hand.  This means slight
variations in size
(2% tolerance).  Dyeing is
done in small lots so colours
may differ from rug to rug -
particularly those using
variegated yarn.  This hand-
made look is all part of the
charm of braided rugs, and with
a little care, braided rugs will
serve you well for many years. 
The above is a small selection
of available braided rugs.
If you need to see a wider
choice of designs / colours
to match your decor,
please contact The Braided
Rug Company by emailing
Custom sizes can also be
Also note that computer
monitors affect colour
and that there may be
some difference between
the viewed colours and
actual colours.